Senioritis (Part 2)

I’m supposed to be working on my thesis, but I feel like doing anything but right now. My advisor told me that the final stretch is often the hardest, because at this point writers are usually just so sick of working on it that they want to forget about it. I’m totally feeling that. My most recent draft is pretty good, and it’s at that point where it’s just almost there but I’ve just got some more work to do, and a tiny bit more research to fill a couple things out, and a couple more passes to clean things up and refine everything…it’s so close, but not yet done, and I just don’t feel like it!

So here I am, ranting on WordPress. Sorry to not write about anything really substantial, but not all writing can be substantial, right? I learned that with my first draft…

The bright side is that I’m at the upper limit of my page count. When I embarked on this whole thesis-writing process, thinking about writing a 30- to 50-page paper was one of the scarier parts of it. But I’ve realized now that when it comes to a big writing project like this, length minimum ought to be the least of your worries. I’ve probably only got a couple paragraphs of wiggle room at this point before I’m over the limit.

OK, enough rambling. I’m going to get to it. I guess.


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