Cleanse: Day 9

The final days of transition are going well. Not much to report about yesterday; we went to a favorite pizza and subs place for dinner and shared a tossed salad and a small side of garlic bread (our first foray back into carbs, saving a quinoa salad the day before, since we started the fast). It was tasty, but not super filling. Iceberg lettuce is the lamest of all the lettuce. Stick to spinach, or at least romaine.

I read a great opinion piece in The New York Times yesterday that fills in some of my thoughts yesterday about food being addictive, our evolutionary predispositions for bad-for-us foods, as well as some interesting thoughts on the recent “Big Soda” ban in NYC (with which I have no qualms, and about which I could write a whole post in itself, but this op-ed pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter).

That’s all for now. Tomorrow I’ll have a report from Day 10 — the finish line!


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