Cleanse: Day 7

Yesterday, as I mentioned in my last post, we began transitioning out of our juice fast. We’ve been thoroughly enjoying solid foods (who knew veggies could be so satisfying?) and things are going well.

For breakfast we had steamed veggies and a small juice. Lunch was tomato soup, fruit, and a sliced cucumber (believe it or not, I felt full after that, although this is a side affect Jordan says will eventually wear off). For dinner we ate a bean, onion, bell pepper and salsa mixture with a few tortilla chips. It was too much; even though it was still a lot less than what we’d normally have for dinner two weeks ago, I felt overly full afterward.

I think I’ve already gotten a good habit out of this juice fast: more willpower. Eating solid fruits and veggies sometimes still isn’t all that appetizing to me, but after forcing our way through nothing but juice for five days, I’ve gotten used to the “I’ve just gotta finish it” mentality. Not that I never enjoy good-for-me-food, or I think I never will; I think I’m just still retraining myself to like things that are healthy. So I sit at the table until I finish that orange, and I don’t complain about it. (How strange that I could be musing about having to force down food, when so many people in the world are malnourished…)

We went to Costco today to pick up some things we were running low on: carrots, cucumbers, apples, peppers, salad stuff. I’m impressed with the selection of organic foods at Costco; here’s hoping they keep adding more! We just enjoyed a snack of organic carrots and hummus (Pita Pal spicy red pepper — eat that Trader Joe’s!).

But of course, there were temptations. One of my favorite things about Costco is the sample selection. Today we had to walk past salmon (we’re not eating meat during our transition), angus cheeseburgers (another vice of mine), and meatballs. And then, on the way to the register, when I thought I was in the clear…popcorn. The first time I’ve ever seen popcorn samples at Costco. Is this you, Lord? Are you testing me?

With Jordan’s help, I resisted and satiated my sample desire with a taste of the spicy bean and lentil dish instead.

To finish today, I want to link to another WordPress blog post I just finished reading: it’s called Why I Became a Vegetarian, and the author gives a funny, thoughtful recounting of her journey to a meatless diet, as well as some handy links to other vegetarian sources at the bottom. (Who knew Jonathan Safran Foer wrote a book about food?)


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