Cleanse: Day 6

Yesterday evening, we went to my brother’s apartment for dinner. Jordan showed him how to pan sear a steak, and my brother and his fiancee ate that along with homemade garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus while we drank juice. I’ll be honest: I considered sneaking some potatoes out of the pot while nobody was looking, but I stayed strong. I call this a win.

Afterwards we watched yet another movie under my condition that there be absolutely no popcorn present.

Today (Day 7), we’re transitioning out of the juice fast, meaning that we have started to eat solid fruits and veggies along with juice supplements. By the end of the week, the fast will be over entirely. The first two days of the fast were most challenging for me, but coming out of the fast we’ll be faced with yet another, and bigger, challenge: maintaining our higher fruit and veggie intake and adopting a consistently healthier lifestyle long-term.

I’m glad we’re doing this fast, if only for the reflective benefits. It’s brought some of the grittier aspects of my relationship to food to light, such as my bad habits and my emotional connection to eating: I get moody and anti-social when I can’t eat whatever I want, and I often use food as a way to cheer myself up after a hard day (e.g. “I’ve dealt with a lot today, so I deserve a macchiato”). I’m glad to learn that I wasn’t very dependent on coffee; I think it was more a psychological thing for me. I told myself that drinking coffee would give me more energy, even if it didn’t always. No caffeine is one of the fast rules, and I’ve done fine without it. Once or twice I’ve wanted some coffee or tea to fight grogginess, but if I just drink some water and push through it’s not an issue.

Here’s to juicing, transitioning, and eating better and more consciously.


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