Cleanse: Day 4

I don’t have much to report about yesterday; I’m still battling certain food cravings, but other than that things are going fine.

Yesterday we saw two movies: Snow White and the Huntsman and Men In Black III. Needless to say, facing my popcorn cravings three times this week was quite a challenge. I already have a bit of a weakness for movie theatre popcorn, so having to sit through two-ish hours of smelling, watching, and listening to others enjoy it (multiplied by three) was rough. And Snow White was boring and left a lot to be desired (such as more than ten lines of dialogue from Kristen Stewart), which didn’t make it any more bearable.

I feel burnt-out on movies after this week, and it’s made me realize another aspect of our life that could use a little cleansing: technology and entertainment intake. Don’t get me wrong; I love a good episode of Sherlock or going out to the movies once in a while, but after three trips to the theatre this week I feel a little brain-dead. I think we need to read more books, go for more walks, and have more conversations on the balcony. This juice fast is making me feel more ready to cleanse my life in other ways.

Another challenge was skipping out on a steak dinner with my family last night. While eating a steak doesn’t exactly sound appetizing right now (I think it’d make me feel over full and a little sick), I knew it would have been unpleasant to sit around watching everybody else eat while we sipped juice. But the other thing that made it difficult was missing out on spending time with my family, although this was remedied by chatting at our apartment and going to see MIB III afterwards. Before the film, I gave my dad, brother, and brother’s fiancee a taste of our juice. When I asked my dad if he liked it, he said, “‘Like’ is a strong word.” Not a surprising reaction; the juice certainly takes some getting used to. I give them credit for trying it with a smile.

Jordan addressed the question in his blog today, Why juice? Why not just eat a more balanced diet? We could. But this juice fast is turning out to be a great way to retrain our tastebuds (believe it or not, I’m actually starting to crave solid vegetables) and transition into a healthier lifestyle. Not to mention the fact that going from juice to mostly fruits and vegetables sounds much easier than going from meat, dairy, fat, and salt to mostly fruits and vegetables. St. Augustine said that “perfect abstinence is easier than perfect moderation,” and that certainly rings true during our fast. It’s easier to cut out animal products entirely and ease into a better diet than to try and moderate the bad habits we had to begin with.

Finally, I thought I’d link to Reboot Your Life, the website we’re using as a guide for our juice fast (and where you can also watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead).


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