Cleanse: Day 3

As predicted by most of the testimonials we’ve read, yesterday was a turning point for me in the juice fast. I had no headaches or nausea all day, and my biggest complaint was feeling hungry and having cravings (which I’ll take over nausea any day). I had a juice in the morning, followed by some vegetable broth with chopped up carrot and celery (after feeling so sick the day before, I thought it’d be good to get some solid food into my system). A little later I had a sliced cucumber with salt, and then two more juices in the afternoon and evening. All in all, it was a good day, although I’m still not at “better-than-I’ve-ever-felt-in-my-life” status, which is supposed to come somewhere around day four or five.

The cravings yesterday were pretty bad, though; Jordan and I were watching The Daily Show on Hulu and I nearly fainted during the KFC commercial — and I don’t even like KFC.

We went to the aquarium yesterday afternoon, and afterwords I was trying to think of other activities that don’t involve (or preferably, strictly forbid) food. Art museums came to mind. Any suggestions?

This juice fast has made me realize something that I usually notice during Lent or other church fasting periods, but on a larger scale: I often eat, not out of hunger, but out of boredom. Because holding and eating some food is just something to do. It’s hard to think of a social place to go where partaking in food isn’t common, or even expected. I thought about going to Geeks Who Drink again this week, but I didn’t want to sit around with a glass of water or juice while watching other people eating bar fare and drinking alcohol. The aquarium is near Old Town, which is a nice place to walk around and window shop, but there are so many ice cream stores, coffee shops, and snack bars that I don’t think I could handle it just yet. I already mentioned my overwhelming popcorn craving during the entirety of The Avengers, which is a prime example: I doubt many people buy popcorn at the movies because they haven’t eaten lunch yet. It’s just something you expect at the movies, and it’s something to keep you busy during the film.

So many activities are centered around food consumption, and food consumption itself has become an activity of boredom or social expectation rather than one of a biological need for nourishment and sustenance.

I had my first juice of the day a little while ago, and I’m about to have a couple glasses of water (it’s important to drink about as much water as you do juice during a juice fast, because juice doesn’t replace water). Hopefully I’ll continue on this “feeling better” trend. Almost halfway there!


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