Cleanse: Day 2

Yesterday was rough. Today is marginally better. We went and saw The Avengers earlier, and I spent most of the movie fighting off fantasies about eating a tub of buttery popcorn. I thought that fasting for church/Lent would make it easier, but this is a whole new level.

Last night I was pretty sick. I felt nauseous and had headaches. Today I feel less nauseous, but the headaches are still hanging on. From what we’ve seen/read, most people report feeling better after day three or four, so my fingers are crossed for tomorrow. Jordan’s doing better than me, generally; he was juicing more already before we started, so I think his body was a bit more prepared.

We started out with a fourteen-day goal but have decided to cut it down to ten. If yesterday and today are any indication, I’m expecting to feel very hungry for the first half of tomorrow, and then listless and nauseous for the second half. But don’t let this discredit juice fasting for you: it’s all part of the detox.

Right now, all I feel like doing is lying in bed, not moving, and not thinking about food (because it makes me feel alternately hungry and sick). But I think we’re going to go for a walk. Hopefully after tomorrow I’ll have more energy.


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