Cleanse: Day 1

Today, Jordan and I started a challenge together we’ve been wanting to try for a while: a two-week juice fast.

How it Works: Pretty much how it sounds. We’ve got a fancy schmancy juicer and instead of eating solid/normal foods, we shove about four times the normal serving size of fruits and vegetables into our juicer and make…juice. Then we drink the juice. Then we meticulously clean the juicer. Then we repeat this four to five times a day.

We’ve been juicing intermittently (for breakfast, as a snack, etc.) for a few weeks now, but today is the first day of going cold turkey on all things non-juice. (You can read about the film, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, that inspired us here.)

So, how have the last 10-ish hours of our juice fast been? Hard. A lot harder than we thought. We’ve been craving food all day, and not even good food…just anything solid. Earlier I had a hankering for rice and beans (Lent style), and I would have preferred eating the raw cucumber solid to juicing it. Jordan expressed his own cravings for “anything but juice,” lamenting, “I could really go for a salad, with nothing on it!”

I feel like such a wimp. But I try to remind myself of the whole reason we’re doing this: to be healthier. We haven’t signed off of solid food forever; this fast is just a temporary boost to kick-start a better lifestyle. Jordan’s been diligent about exercising and consistently losing weight over the last couple of years, but we want to go bigger (in a metaphor-for-success kind of way).

So here we go. Wish us luck!


3 thoughts on “Cleanse: Day 1

  1. Good luck! I am afraid to follow your link, in fear that I’ll determine that I should do this too! Just curious.. since you can eat the fruits and veggies in juice form… why is it wrong to eat them solid? does you body know the difference? Anyways… I am hopeful for you both that it will get easier, I’m sure the first day would be hard for anyone. Thinking of you!

    • Thanks, Presvytera! The reason we juice instead of eating solid fruits and veggies is that we’re able to intake a lot more that way. It’s probably at least twice what you’d eat as a normal serving, and since we’re supposed to do it 4-6 times a day it would be almost impossible to eat that much that often. That’s the main reason; it’s an easier way to “supercharge” our micronutrient intake (as the guy in the documentary says).

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