Sunday evening

Springtime in Albuquerque is marked by tiny, airy cotton fluffs floating through the warm, upper-70s air. A fluff just floated past me as I sit on our fourth-floor balcony watching the sun set. The last rays are obscured by purple-gray clouds, the lower fringes of which seem to be on fire with pink, orange, and gold; the color fades, though, every time I look up, and soon everything will be blue, and then black. The mountains are already dark. It might be raining on the western mesa.

There’s a windchime hanging from a satellite dish on the balcony of a sixth-floor apartment of the adjacent building. It rings aimlessly in the slight breeze.

There’s an old man who lives on the second-floor corner apartment in the adjacent building. I know because I saw him sitting on his balcony. We hear him almost every morning, early, around 7:00am, coughing violently. Tonight he sat outside by himself and watched the sun set while he smoked.

The moths are coming out – one thing I dislike about summertime. It’s almost dark now; everything’s turning gray.


I felt like being creative tonight. I’ve been awful about my Sunday night blogging commitment, I know; have you lost all hope in me? The last two weeks have been incredibly busy. We finished the Spring issue of the magazine (not without some unexpected, last-minute setbacks, of course) and the semester is wrapping up very quickly, meaning that final projects need more attention. I also had two internship interviews last week, both of which went well. I know which one I’d prefer but I’m still waiting to get an official offer.

I’m staying up late tonight to register for my last semester of classes. Jordan asked me earlier today if I’m afraid to graduate; his question was prompted by a minor meltdown I was having about how to juggle an internship plus classes during my final semester and wondering if I should delay graduation until next May to make my load lighter. I’m over that, though, and I don’t think I’m afraid to graduate. Although I may feel differently come December. But we’ll deal with that when it gets here.


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