Goodbye, Spring Break

As promised, it’s Sunday night and I am blogging! Truthfully, I almost forgot; I’ve been busy catching up on the homework I’ve put off all week and just remembered about my new blogging commitment a few minutes ago.

I’ve been in denial the past couple of days about spring break coming to a close. This week – sleeping in, taking naps, running errands and watching movies with my husband – has been way too much fun, and I’m still not sure if I’m ready to go back to school tomorrow.

However, I was telling Jordan today that I need to check my attitude sometimes. Sure, it’s normal for a college student to bemoan the end of spring break, but I want to remind myself how thankful I am for the opportunity to go to school. It sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s a blessing, which makes the fact that I’ll be regularly getting up at 6:00am for the next seven weeks a little easier to face.

And we had a nice ending to the break, as well. Yesterday, Jordan and I went for a walk around our neighborhood and stumbled upon a good old-fashioned driveway yard sale. We picked up three baking pans (which we desperately needed) and I also found a cool, leather satchel that’s the perfect size for my laptop and a few other books/notebooks, just right for an afternoon study session in the library. And the total price? $4.50! I call that a win.

OK, signing off now, as it’s almost 10:00pm and we’ve got school in the morning!


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