Graduate Students

When I study in the library, sometimes I sit at a carrel that is assigned to a graduate student. How do I know? There are several books on the carrel with special slips of paper in them commanding “DO NOT RETURN THIS BOOK TO THE SHELF.” Also, every carrel has a little notice that says, “This carrel may be assigned to a specific graduate students. You may study here while the carrel is unoccupied, but please do not disturb the books or notes belonging to or charged to the graduate student.” How polite, little notice.

Anyway, I’m currently sitting in carrel 232. I like to ponder what these graduate students might be studying or working on based on the books at the carrel. Usually you can deduce some sort of theme. For instance, at carrel 232 we have: The Book of Ezekiel, Saint Saul: A Skeleton Key to the Historical Jews, Holy Bible, The Use of Daniel in Jewish Apocalyptic Literature and in the Revelation of St. John, and…Battlefields of the Civil Wars? That last one makes me curious.

By the way, I’m thinking about going to grad school. I don’t really know where or how it will all happen, but it’s more of a real option for me than it’s ever been, so that’s something.


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