The Home Stretch

It’s difficult going back to work after a nice long weekend. I just want to take my time with everything and not worry about deadlines or stress about assignments.  I watched some hulu this morning and cleaned the kitchen (it was bad; there was literally no counter space due to all of the dirty dishes), and I’ve gotten some work done but I still don’t feel totally ready for school again. But in just a little over two weeks, I’ll be all done with the semester, and I can be as lazy as I want to be (for a little while, at least).

I’m all registered for my spring classes; it’s so bizarre that I only have two more semesters of college left. I guess I should start making plans for the “real world.” Jordan and I are thinking about moving to Boston because he wants to go to seminary there; I’ve started considering graduate school and it all feels surreal and scary. I know it will be okay, though. I’m just glad to have Jordan by my side and a God who has had a plan for our lives since before we were born.

I didn’t get my first pick of some of my classes, because at the last minute I found out one class I planned on taking (Playwriting, for my theatre minor) is not being offered next semester. I’m currently registered for three theatre classes but I plan on dropping one, a decision I’ll make in the first week or so of class after testing the waters a bit. I only want to take fifteen credit hours next semester since I’ll still be doing the magazine and will actually start writing my thesis for real (I’ve done a bit of writing and lots of research, but technically my writing starts next semester).

Good news: I’m halfway done with the final paper for one of my classes! I was dreading writing it for the last two weeks, but Jordan finally forced me to sit down and start working on it last Saturday, and now I’m six pages in (minimum is twelve pages).  I’ll have to go back through and revise a good amount, as I’m not writing super carefully (I’m more just trying to get words on the page), but it feels good to be making slow and steady progress.

More good news: the magazine is basically done. After several setbacks and late, stressful nights, I’m going to approve the final proof today and it will be submitted for printing by the end of the week. As I tried to fall asleep last night I was full of anxiety, sure that something was going to go wrong at the last minute. Hopefully that won’t happen; as long as the printer made the changes I told them to make, we should be good to go. I’m so, so ready for this issue to be over with. It’s been a good experience and I’ve learned a lot, but I’m ready for the magazine to be finished. Of course, it all starts over again next semester, but like I said, I’ve learned a lot and I think next semester will be easier and better for it.

Anyway, that’s all for now.


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