Day 7: Four Memories You Won’t Forget

Wow; it’s been almost a month since I last posted? Sorry, guys. I’m quite sporadic with blogging. Needless to say, it’s been a long, busy, chaotic, stressful month in school, but the semester is almost over. Thank God.

Anyway, I guess I should finish up this little series, even if it is inconsistent.

Four Memories I Won’t Forget:

1. The night my grandfather died: I was doing homework in my room, and my little sister knocked on the door to tell me the news.

2. The day/night my husband and I got engaged: he flew out to California, where I was then attending school, to surprise me. It worked. When I saw him sitting in the Student Union Building, I dropped my books, jumped into his arms and started screaming and crying and generally making a huge scene.

3. My first kiss.

4. The day my niece, Vivian, was born. She was all purple and wrinkly and tiny and I held her in my arms, marveling at how small and fragile life is when it begins. Or maybe life is always small and fragile, but that’s another blog post.


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