My typical Friday night goes as follows:

I get home, tired but still feeling like I should have accomplished more with my day off from classes (it finally happened this semester). I make dinner with my husband and we eat while watching an episode or two of “Mad Men.” I think about cleaning our apartment or doing more homework, but choose cuddles and sleep with my husband instead. We’re usually out by 10pm (the young, party animals that we are).

My typical Saturday goes as follows:

I wake up to my alarm at 8am, because due to my unproductive night before I decided to get up early and take hold of my day and get stuff done. Instead, I hit the snooze button for about an hour and a half, finally roll out of bed and spend the next hour making breakfast with my husband (it’s the only morning of the week when we can sleep in/eat breakfast together!). We probably watch another episode of “Mad Men.”

I procrastinate on schoolwork by cleaning and doing laundry, because I never have time during the week and our apartment has become less-than-presentable.

Around noon or 1pm I pull it together and start my homework (after lunch, of course). The afternoon flies by much too quickly, and before I know it Saturday is over and I’m resigning myself to finishing my work on Sunday, even though I despise working on Sundays (it just feels so unnatural).

I’m stuck in a vicious cycle. Whenever I try to take time off to relax, I end up feeling guilty about not getting work done and more stressed than before because now I’m behind. But working all the time is not a healthy or productive mode, either (I know; I spent my entire freshman year doing nothing but eating, sleeping and studying. Once, when asked by a professor when the last time was that I’d done something for fun, I said, “I can’t remember.”)

Maybe I should give it up and just accept the fact that I don’t get much done on Saturdays. The work always gets done one way or the other. I’m just tired of the cycle; but then again, it’s about that time of the semester, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.


5 thoughts on “Weekends

  1. I’ve found if I really push myself to add a couple of things on the weekdays in the evenings and then catch up on the rest on Friday evenings, no matter how long it takes, really works to have a nice free weekend – problem is even though I have done it in the past and it’s worked beautifully, on Fridays when I get home from work I just can’t seem to push myself to do it lately even though I know how good it feels to have it all out of the way.

  2. Hello! I like your blog. 🙂

    time management/studying: In college, I would not study on friday night because “It’s FRIDAY NIGHT!” nor would I study on Saturday night – for the same reason. I would wake up in a panic almost every Sunday morning – and after church, I’d study from noon until midnight, thinking there had to be another way!

    There is. I just didn’t know about it yet. Babysteps + Routines.

    I stumbled on http://www.flylady.net after my mom and a friend told me about her. I could not have my apartment company-ready (well, 15 minutes away from being company ready) without the routines and baby steps recommended by flylady. Now I don’t spend my saturdays cleaning or feeling guilty about not cleaning.

    (it’s a bit hokey and homey to read but that’s part of it – the warmth of flylady and her staff more than make up for the non-slick appearance of the website and emails.)(If you decide to get the emails, I recommend the Digest form..so there’s just one email per day and that’s it. I love reading the testimonials.)

    Just sayin’.

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