Day 3: Eight Things That Annoy Me

It changed from summer to autumn overnight. The pros and cons of finally having wintery weather?

Con: the cold/rainy/cloudy weather makes me want to do anything but homework; all I feel like doing is curling up in bed all day with a movie and a hot drink.

Pro: it’s finally not 80 degrees and miserable anymore.

Con: Jordan likes to be cold when he sleeps, so we’ve got the bedroom window open to let all of the chilly wind inside. I wake up with a numb nose.

Pro: colder bedroom = more cuddling.

Anyway, I’ll get to the point of this post. Eight things that annoy me (so you’ll know how to stay on my good side), in no particular order:

1. People who don’t “do” email.

2. Slow drivers.

3. Excessively speedy/impatient drivers.

4. Strangers on the bus who decide to sit next to me and tell me their life story while I’m trying to get lost in my own thoughts and/or read.

4b: Activists who haunt the heavily-foot-trafficked areas of campus to try and guilt-trip you into signing a petition/taking a flyer that you’ll throw away (“Do you have thirty seconds to save the children?”)

4c: Weird, old guys at the bus stop who like to hit on college girls while standing way too close for comfort.

5. Family Guy.

6. People who have loud conversations in the parking lot outside our building at eleven o’clock at night.

7. Passive agressiveness.

8. Poor grammar.

I’m currently annoyed because earlier this week I thought of a really great one, something that really bothers me; I thought about writing it down, and then I thought, No, I’ll remember. You know what’s never worked for me? Mental notes.


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