It’s taken me a long time to get going today. I really try to have little to no schoolwork to do on Sundays because I’ve come to value the notion of truly “sabbathing” on Sundays, but it’s hard. We slept in this morning, made breakfast and watched the pilot of “Up All Night” (Will Arnett’s new NBC sitcom; Jordan thought he looked too old to be partying, I said he’s probably cursed to never be successful again after “Arrested Development” because how can you follow that?). Then I lounged on the couch for a while in my pajamas, surfing the Internet and not thinking about homework (because if I don’t think about it it’s like I don’t have to do it, right?). Around 12:30 I forced myself to shower and actually start my day. I put on laundry, loaded the dishwasher and generally cleaned around our apartment.

Now I’m just sitting down to get to work. I’ve made myself a to-do list that I can start hacking away at. I’ve got a lot to do for the magazine, so I’m going to start there and get it out of the way.

It was a pretty good week, all things considered. We had our first magazine staff meeting on Tuesday, and I felt pretty good afterwards; I’m happy with all of my staff members (eleven total, not counting me), and I think we’ll work well together. Everyone seems positive and full of good ideas.

I’m starting a new sleeping habit: going to bed early with Jordan and getting up around 6:00 to finish my work, instead of my former strategy: struggling to stay awake into the wee hours but really falling asleep on the couch or just not being able to focus enough to be productive. We went to bed before 10:00 on Tuesday, and I got lots of good work done Wednesday morning. It’s just one more thing to add to my ever-growing list of Things That Make Me Feel Like An Old Lady (along with my aversion to heels higher than three inches and my desire for a rolling bag).

A brief thunder storm moved in while I’ve been writing, but the rain seems to be letting up now. As much as I hate to say it, it’s time to get to work. Is it Christmas yet?


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