Buy textbooks and be sexy?

This is an ad that just popped up for me on Pandora:





















It’s an ad for an online textbook-ordering service, but at first glance it looks like…what? An ad for a gym membership or nutrition supplement that will make me look great in white shorts and ensure male models will want to ravish me in them?

I get it. The subliminal message here is “buy this product and you’ll be sexy and other sexy people will want to be close to you”. The maybe less-subliminal message is “use our service and have more time for being sexy”. But that’s where I get confused; how will using this online textbook service improve my love life?

Advertising is fascinating, and sometimes silly. No, No matter how much time and money you can save me, I fail to see the relationship between you getting my money and me getting hotter/thinner/sexier. It’s almost insulting when you think about it. Do they really think they can fool me into giving them my money just by plastering a suggestive picture of good-looking models on their ad? Do they really think I’m insecure or foolish enough to believe that whatever they have to sell me will guarantee me greater happiness?

But I guess that’s the point of all advertising. Companies want you to think – even if on the tiniest, faintest, most subconscious level – that if you buy their product your life will be better. Tricky devils.


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