The Literary Hour

I am a founding officer of my university’s premiere, student-produced, online radio station, The Lobo Growl (there never seems to be a short way to say that).

We are currently airing mostly music and a few programs here and there. We just got up and running over the past year, so we are very much still in our genesis, but hopefully over the summer and throughout the next school year we’ll be building up our programming and gaining some momentum in the university radio world.

I have created and am producing a show called “The Literary Hour”, in which I feature student writers and literary events associated with my university. This post is a shameless plug for my show, which has its own blog, and you can listen to the show’s pilot episode at any night at 6:00 pm. Some of the info in the show is time-sensitive and therefore outdated (I talk about “upcoming” theatre performances and magazine receptions that happened back in April), but the content is still interesting and highlights the literary talent and opportunities at my school.

I’m hoping to air a new episode in the next couple of weeks, and over the summer I’ll be doing as much as I can to create an archive of shows I can air at various points in the fall semester.

For updates on new episodes, keep an eye on TLH’s blog. Thanks for listening!


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