Thought Trails

Jordan and I just got back from a mile-long run around our neighborhood. I was reminded of how not-in-shape I am, as my lungs began to hurt before the half-mile mark. In the end, though, it feel good, and I’m optimistic about our plans to exercise more often and make some real changes.

I start my summer internship next week. I’ll be writing for a local arts, culture and entertainment magazine, and I’m really looking forward to it.

I am slowly progressing in my campaign for a more organized home. I’ve sold or given away a ton of old clothes and shoes that were taking up closet space, and after I finish clearing out clutter, the next step will be to invest in some organization aids – a filing cabinet and storage boxes to put in our closet to replace our dressers, to name a couple. I’ve been reading a minimalist blog and researching storage containers online for inspiration. I can’t wait to have a clutter- and stress-free home!

I’m hoping to kick off my grammar series late next week or early the week after. The first weeks of summer have been filled up with travel, family visits and excessive amounts of sleep, so I haven’t had time to do more than jot down some topic ideas. I’m going to buy this book that my Editing professor recommended to help me out. If you have any more suggestions on gray-area grammar issues, pass them along!

Finally, going back to my first trail about exercising and improving lifestyle choices, I’ve come across a couple of helpful articles via Lifehacker that I think are worth sharing. The first is a breakdown of exactly how much of a fruit or vegetable counts as a serving, and the second is a short article about what the food labels “light” or “low fat” actually mean. There’s also a link in that one to another interesting read about other labels explained, like “organic” and “grass-fed”.


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