A Few Thoughts

I seem constantly dissatisfied with the appearance of my blog. I’ll have one look for a while, then change it and keep the new look for a while, and then I want to change it again. As you can see, I just changed it; I liked the look of it before, but it was too…artsy? Painting-y? I don’t know. It’s not neutral enough, I think I’m trying to say. Of course, I want my blog to look distinct, and reflect my personality and style, but right now, I think it only reflects one part of my style, and not me as a whole. Interesting how thinking about my blog layout can turn into a minor philosophical tangent.

Today is a day for cleaning. I’ve folded, ironed and put away a bunch of clean clothes (a process that took roughly as long as an episode of This American Life, which I listened to while I worked), I’ve got more in the washer right now, and I’ll probably tackle our bedroom next. Jordan and I are not very good at keeping our clothes, both clean and dirty, where they need to be, and as I set about my summer cleaning and organizing goals I’m learning the truth and value of the phrase, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” I’m also learning that it’s not so hard to keep things clean once you get them clean.

I’ll go grocery shopping while Jordan’s at work, and if I have time I might wander around Cost Plus; we’re in the market for some nice patio furniture so we can make the most of our apartment’s spacious balcony now that the weather is warm and beautiful.

Sorry about not posting Part 3 of “The Photograph”, by the way; funny how things are still busy even after school is over. Look for that later today, and I’ll finish the series by the end of the week.


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