Summer Series: Grammar

Partly as a way to brush up my own knowledge, and partly because I think it’s important to have a firm grasp of at least basic grammar, I’m thinking of starting a series on the blog covering common grammar mistakes and misunderstandings. I’m polling friends for ideas, and any other suggestions are more than welcome. So far, this is what’s on my list (subject to change):

– What is a clause?

– What is a comma splice? & Comma Rules

– What is a fragment? A run-on?

– Fewer vs. Less, That vs. Which, Good vs. Well, Lie vs. Lay

– Passive Voice: When should we use it, and when shouldn’t we?

– Verb Review: Being/Stative, Linking, etc. What distinguishes the different types, and when should/shouldn’t we use them?

I’m not sure how long the series will be. I suppose it’ll depend on how many topics I want to cover. I may extend it across the entire summer, with maybe one post every week. I’ll keep you updated.


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