8 Days

That’s how much longer I have to go until my semester is over, and my summer has begun.

I was feeling stressed and a little depressed this morning. I didn’t get enough sleep last night, I was late to two out of three of my classes, and I had issues printing a document I turned out not even needing (which, while it was a waste of time and money, ended up being a good thing). Then I had to rush to leave school to come straight to work an hour earlier than normal to cover for another employee. I’m happy to cover her, since she’ll be covering some of my shifts when Jordan and I travel this summer, but I didn’t like feeling rushed all morning.

After I got to work, though, my mood improved. I did some cleaning around the store, which I find I enjoy more when I get into a habit of it; Jordan and I cleaned a bunch yesterday because we had a friend over for dinner, and while tackling a room that hasn’t been cleaned in weeks is daunting, once you get it clean it’s not so stressful to keep it that way. It was also a major stress-relief to look around our tidy living room, which now feels much more big and open than before. I’ve read that clutter has a negative psychological effect on you because all the extra mess takes up space, in a way, in your mind, so it’s difficult to focus and think clearly. Cleaning is definitely worth the endorphines.

And I realized that I don’t have a lot to be stressed about, school-wise. Sure, I’ve got projects to finish and finals to study for, but most of my classes are in review mode, so I don’t have any new busy work to worry about.

It’s the final stretch. This time next week, I’ll have exactly one final standing between me and a long summer filled with date nights, movie-watching, pool-lounging, internship-doing, family, friends, and whatever else I feel like.


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