5 AM

I think that the end of the spring semester is harder than the end of the fall semester. By December, you feel ready for Christmas, to be sure, but you’re not as tired as you are by Easter. Fall ends with a sense of accomplishment and readiness for a break, but usually by the time it’s mid-January you’re refreshed and ready to get back to work. So, Spring begins energetically enough, but as time goes on and the weather gets warmer, hints Summer start to entice you, and you’re soon longing to spend afternoons lounging in the sunshine rather than studying in the library. You finally start to feel the effects of working almost continuously for almost nine months, and you’re ready for that long break.

I’m ready to do other things in my life besides homework. It’s difficult being a student and being married; not that I’m complaining, I love being married, but when you get home from class/work at seven or eight at night, and your husband has nothing to do but enjoy some down time with his favorite book or television show, it’s hard to resign yourself to the desk and the schoolwork. Although, I’m glad for this experience, because one day Jordan will be in graduate school and I’ll the one with the “normal” job, and I think I’ll be able to empathize with his stress and late nights.

Like I was saying, I’m ready for other life things. I’m ready for spring cleaning. There are literally trash bags full of clothes to sell or give away that have been sitting in our apartment and the back of my car for months because I haven’t had time to devote two hours to hauling them down to Buffalo Exchange or the Goodwill.

I’m ready to finally organize our books and papers that get tossed around in the chaos of each semester.

I’m ready to try to employ some of the minimalist techniques I’ve been reading about lately; paring down our belongings, de-cluttering, re-organizing.

I’m ready to be able to have dinner with friends in the middle of the week and not feel like I have to stay up all night to catch up on homework afterward.

I’m ready to read books that I want to read (and also, ironically, to have more time to read books in preparation for my thesis).

I’m ready to have nowhere to be, and to have all day to get there.


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