Random Thoughts

I felt like writing a blog post. And since I haven’t mustered up the energy and/or motivation to get off of the couch, make some coffee and get back to doing homework, I decided to write something now.

I’m very tired today, which I find strange because I felt like I got a good amount of sleep this week. However, it was one of those mornings where it takes six snooze-button mini-naps until you realize you literallycannot stay in bed any longer to get up.

I feel like summer vacation is so close, yet so far. I feel like I have so much to do in the next two weeks (more like a week and a half, actually; most of my big finals will be done by a week from Friday). Papers, projects (individual and group), math tests (OK, just one math test, but I wanted to maintain noun parallelism – see, I’ve learned stuff from my Editing class!), reading, research. I’m getting tired again just thinking about it.

It’s also been cold lately. Easter weekend was cloudy, cold and windy. Today finally got warm, but I was unfortunately working all afternoon. Hopefully it’ll keep getting warmer.

I’m thinking about making a chore schedule for me and Jordan. We’re not very organized when it comes to cleaning (although we are getting better). I’ve always been the kind of person to let things get messier and messier until I finally can’t take it anymore (or can’t open my closet door all the way due to clothing piled on the floor). But that’s not a fun environment to live in.

OK, time for coffee and homework. Come on enthusiasm…


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