Maybe I should stop setting such high goals for my weekends. By the end of the week, I’m so tired that it’s hard to do homework on Friday night. And Saturday is my only day of the week to sleep in, and it’s so tempting to just take my time in the morning eating breakfast and maybe doing some cleaning that before I know it it’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon and I haven’t done any homework yet.

Today, my mistake was taking a nap after church. What was supposed to be forty minutes turned into an hour and a half, and as the sun gets lower in the sky my stress gets higher, because I wanted to get so much done this weekend.

It’s so hard to have time to relax, when I feel like I should be doing work all the time. There’s always more to be done; how can I rest easy knowing I could be using my time to catch up, or get ahead?

Maybe it’s because it’s springtime, maybe it’s because I’m just extra stressed right now with planning next semester’s classes and doing preliminary work on my thesis, while also trying to keep up with the eighteen credit hours I’m taking, and my defense mechanism for stress seems to be procrastination.

Jordan loved school, and always tells me that I’m the lucky one. Meanwhile, I wish I was done with it all so that I could come home at night and be done, like someone with a normal job.


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