Sheesh. I have zero motivation right now. All I want to do is sleep. And it’s not even four o’clock.

Last night I submitted an application for a job I’m really hoping to get. On Monday, I saw an ad in my school’s newspaper saying that two campus publications are looking for an editor for next year. The publications are Best Student Essays, a magazine that features academic and non-fiction writing, and Conceptions Southwest, a magazine that features non-fiction, poetry, visual art, and has even hosted non-print displays of work such as musical performances and jewelry exhibits. I didn’t know a lot about either of them, except that I had submitted some poems to Conceptions that are going to be published in the upcoming issue, but it sounded like too good of an opportunity to pass up. It would give me experience that directly applies to my degree (Professional Writing) and to future jobs I am considering (editing and publishing). Plus, it pays. It would definitely be more work for less money than my current job, but I see it as more of an investment in my future and career. Plus, it would nice to have an on-campus job.

As usual, the semester has flown by. I started in January, feeling like March was ages away, and this time next month I’ll be just about done with finals. While it’s encouraging to know it’ll be over soon, it’s also a little stressful thinking about all that has to get done between now and then. But I can’t think about everything at once; that leads to breakdown.

I’m feeling flat today. It’s hot. I’m tired. I guess I should get some work done.


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