Right now, I am:

– Waiting for my sixth interviewee this week for the pilot episode of my radio show, which I have to have done this weekend in order to air on time next week;

– Scrambling to figure out what exactly I want to do for my senior honors thesis, because I have roughly three semesters to go until graduation, and the thesis may take up to three semesters to complete, including contemplating whether or not I should take a couple of classes to hone my ideas;

– Figuring out if I’ll be graduating in three semesters, or if I will need/should take an extra semester after all;

– Figuring out the other classes I’ll be taking next semester, because registration is in less than three weeks;

– Drafting a (minimum) fifteen-page short fiction story, inspired by a photograph, for my honors class, and doubting my ability to write a fiction piece this long and wondering if I should re-work my project to be a series of shorter, flash fiction pieces;

– Anxious about a group project that just began in one of my classes as we are still in the awkward figuring-out-what-we’re-doing-and-trying-not-to-step-on-anybody’s-toes phase;

– Trying to keep up with all of the regular reading and paper-writing in my classes;

– Wishing life was not so crazy and that I didn’t have so much to do.


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