Soon, you’ll also be at rest.

It’s been a long week. Every day has felt full. I started the week dreading all of the work I had to do; it’s gotten progressively better, and I can see the end of the tunnel and the light that is spring break.

Jordan and I are taking a mini-vacation this weekend. He gets Sunday and Monday off of work, and I got somebody to cover my shift, so we’re going off to be together and away for a couple of days. I am very, very excited about it; things are so busy between work and school that many days we only see each other in the morning and then again at night, just in time for dinner and then bed (or, in my case, staying up to finish homework). I’m looking forward to taking some extended time off of thinking about school and just being with my husband. I love my husband. He is the best.

Tonight, I am up late studying for my theatre history midterm tomorrow. I think I’ll finish my final bits of review in the morning, though, and spend some time now working on a take-home editing test that’s due Friday.

Everything is so busy, and this semester is just tearing by. Spring break marks the halfway point, and while part of me groans at the thought of there still being a whole half of the semester waiting for me, I’m also shocked at how quickly the first half has passed. What is it about the spring term that makes it all rush forward? Is it the anticipation of a long summer ahead? Is it the longer break in the middle?

I’ll end this somewhat directionless post with a translated poem (from German, I think it is) that I read for my honors class this week. The grammar and rhyme isn’t perfect (actually, the rhyme is nonexistent), but I found it a beautiful little bit of writing nonetheless. It’s peaceful; I hope you enjoy it.

“Over all the hilltops
is calm.
In all the treetops
you feel
hardly a breath of air.
The little birds fall silent in the woods.
Just wait…soon
you’ll also be at rest.”


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