A Brief Argument for Professional Writing

I am an English major, with a concentration in Professional Writing. When I tell people this, they usually have one of two general reactions:

1) “Oh…that’s nice. How very…practical.”
2) [sarcastically] “Wow, that sounds like fun!”

Here’s an example of no. 2 from earlier today:

Me: “I’ve got to go finish a copyediting test that’s due tomorrow.”
Classmate, sarcastically: “Oh man, that sounds like a fun way to spend a Sunday.”

Well, you know what, nay-sayers? I enjoy Professional Writing. I believe in the power of writing well, and I believe it’s an ability many do not possess. I want to make the world a clearer, more organized, and less cliche-ridden place; if I must bear the titles of “practical” or “boring” as a cost, then so be it.


3 thoughts on “A Brief Argument for Professional Writing

  1. You know what? With the advent of the internet there is more “text” being produced now than at any time in human history. And even more of it is crap than as was usual since the invention of language. The need for good writing grows, and “professional” writing can be a great asset and one that might not be a big money maker, but certainly employable.

    Who’s telling you this? Business majors? Tell them to go back to their frat house, the grown ups are assiduously creating the future.

  2. You are right, professional writing is an ability that many do not possess. I agree with the earlier comment, writing is a great assest. Unfortunately, many of us do not realize it.

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