Reader jonnyflash brought up some good counterpoints to my thoughts on minimalism and references to Miss Minimalist’s blog in my last couple of posts. I realize that I may have somewhat misquoted Miss M by inferring some things different than how she really means them. For this I apologize, and I want to draw attention to the comments on the post “A New Year, A New Lifestyle (maybe)” to see jonnyflash’s thoughts, my responses, and links to the actual blogs by Miss Minimalist that I reference so you can read and determine for yourself exactly what she’s saying.

I’ve got to apologize for one more thing, reader(s?): I’ve had a slow start to my “Six Items or Less” challenge. And by “slow start”, I mean that I haven’t started at all. I wanted to begin my month on the 16th, but I overestimated how much time I would have to sort through my clothes and think ahead about what I would need. The new semester started yesterday, so the past few days have been busy preparing for and getting back into the swing of school.

That being said, I do still plan on taking on the challenge; I’m just not exactly sure what day I’ll be starting. School has a way of sucking all the time and energy out of you, but hopefully I can get organized before the real heavy-duty schoolwork sets in. I’ll keep you posted.


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