Six Items or Less

As a nice compliment to my growing interest in minimalism, I just found this article posted on (actually, I found it while once again scrolling through Lifehacker, but the original post is on Jezebel).

It briefly summarizes the clothing challenge called “Six Items or Less”, the main concept of which is committing yourself to wearing only six items of clothing for an entire month (certain necessities like undergarments excluded, of course).

It’s funny that I’m stumbling upon this little article now, because I think it would be a good way to experiment with a minimalist approach to wardrobe, which would in turn give me an introduction to the broader minimalist lifestyle that currently fascinates me. It would also help me discover which items in my closet are the most versatile, and therefore most worthy to survive my closet-purge (which I’m beginning tomorrow, by the way).

I’m in. Consider this my official commitment to “Six Items or Less”, beginning, let’s say, Sunday the 16th and lasting until February 16th – or beyond. Who knows?


2 thoughts on “Six Items or Less

    • No, no; I’m definitely not getting rid of all but six items of clothing. I’m just picking out six versatile pieces and seeing if I can manage wearing only those pieces for a month (I’m not including accessories like tights or leggings, or outer wear like sweaters and coats, especially since it’s wintertime.)

      I have been pulling out clothing that doesn’t fit me, that I don’t like anymore, or that I can’t remember wearing in the last year, and sorting those pieces into “throw away” (poor condition, holes, etc.) or “give away/sell”.

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