Musings of a wanna-be cook

This year, we’re having Thanksgiving at Jordan’s grandparents’ house. His parents will be out of town, and mine recently moved, so we’ll enjoy cooking in a kitchen that’s actually suited for a Thanksgiving meal (our new apartment has a nicely remodeled, yet very much “one-person” kitchen. If we’re both doing stuff at dinnertime, it’s a dodging game with boiling hot pans and sharp knives waving everywhere. There’s not enough room for the oven to be open and someone to be standing in front of the sink without risking getting burned.)

I’ve been trying, as often as I have the chance, to refine my cooking skills. We had my grandparents-in-law over for late Sunday lunch, and Jordan made his delicious red-pepper chicken, and I made a green bean casserole, recipe courtesy of Alton Brown and It turned out a tad bland, but everything else about it was fine. Next time, I think I’ll add some bacon or green chile.

For Thanksgiving, Nano (Jordan’s grandfather) will be picking up the turkey, Nana will be making mashed potatoes (and green beans, I think), and Jordan and I are responsible for stuffing, cranberry sauce, and dessert. Nana and I share a love of the gelatinous canned sauce, something that has often been the cause of scoff and scorn from my friends and family members. For this reason, I think we’ll have at least one can of the jelly kind, but I’d also like to try and make some homemade sauce. Jordan likes lumpy things: yogurt with fruit bits, high-pulp orange juice, and, naturally, cranberry sauce with whole cranberries. I suppose I’ll have to indulge him, even though I’ve always preferred my fruit-based foods to be smooth, not chunky or fibery (aside from real fruit, of course).

The stuffing may or may not be homemade; we were at Trader Joe’s the other day, and they were giving out samples of the most delicious sausage stuffing. Yeah, it comes from a box, but I’m tempted not to care. It’s that good.

I’m still debating about the dessert. Nana likes pecan pie, and I do, too; but who doesn’t love the classic pumpkin? Maybe we’ll make a little one of both.


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