Crunch Time

When I’ve got a lot going on, or many things that I have to get done, I begin to think of my time in terms of weekly deadlines, rather than taking things day-by-day. This mentality makes the weeks feel shorter and faster, and the end of the semester seems to be scrunching up like an accordian.

Next week is Thanksgiving. That’ll be a bit of a break, but it’s never much. After that, though, there’s only three more weeks to go, and two of my classes don’t have finals (just final projects, which we’re working on now).

Jordan has been substitute teaching, which he really enjoys, but I’m beginning to not like the days that he subs and goes to his other evening job. By the time he gets home, he’s worked basically twelve hours and is understandably exhausted. He’ll usually go to bed around 10:30; meanwhile, my extra schoolwork is keeping me up past midnight sometimes. I don’t like going to bed separately.

It’s just that time again.


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