My blog is a little scatterbrained right now. For this, I apologize, readers (whoever you may be). My transition into WordPress has been harder than I thought.

I still haven’t found a look that I love, and I still don’t know how to work all of the features. Sometimes I’m tempted to go back to Blogspot, because it’s so easy to use and it feels familiar to me after blogging there for over a year.

But I am determined to persevere! Even though it probably means my blog won’t really be settled for a while.

In other news, we’re moving! This was an unexpected blessing, and Jordan and I are both excited about getting into our new place. Our current apartment has had flooding problems since shortly after we moved in. Every time there’s a good steady rain, we come home to find a pool of water covering just about all of our kitchen floor and soggy carpet in our dining area. First we were told it was our fridge leaking, then our dishwasher, and then when it happened again they said, “Oh yeah, the roof’s leaking.”

Well, after that, it rained a couple more times; no flood. So we thought the problem was solved. About two weeks ago, however, we got the biggest rain of the year; somewhere near two inches in one day, which is a large fraction of our annual rainfall. Sure enough, when we got home that night, our apartment was soaked again.

Prompted by our parents’ (emphatic) suggestions, and our own frustration, we sat down with management and asked to be let out of our lease. Jordan had called a legal advice hotline and they outlined our options; I think the mention of “legal counsel” packed a little more punch into our argument. The apartment manager told us she didn’t have the authority to approve such a request, but that she’d talk with her boss and get back to us. We left with little hope that we’d get what we want.

A few hours later, however, Jordan got the call and we got the OK to move out at the end of the month. We’d already been looking around and had found a place we both liked. The location of the new complex would cut our commutes in half, which was a big selling point.

Once we get some paperwork finalized, we’ll be ready to go! After we get all of our stuff packed up, that is.


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